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At Southern Minnesota Periodontics & Dental Implants, our staff is dedicated to providing you with outstanding care in a comfortable atmosphere. From periodontal surgery to dental implants, we strive to ensure that you’re comfortable with your treatments by addressing your concerns and answering your questions. We have over 35 years of experience and our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Schedule an appointment today. Call (507) 345-7537. We provide FREE parking and FREE Wi-Fi.

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At Southern Minnesota Periodontics & Dental Implants, we offer a variety of services to care for your oral health.

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Over 1,103 Reviews

Donald K. Avatar

I appreciate so much the help given to me by Southern Minnesota Periodontics. Dr. Jernberg performed an amazing work with my entire-mouth flap surgery and bone grafts to remove periodontal disease and restore bone support for my teeth. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, capable, and professional. They're also so very kind and considerate. I give them all the highest possible marks!

Donald K. 6/29/2019
Papa B. Avatar

Dr Dolgov is definitely one of the best. I came to him with a huge dental anxiety, was very scared because of my bad past experience in dental chair. He was very understanding, kind and starting from me getting in the chair and getting out of it I did not feel a thing. I was amazed with his skills and professionalism! I definitely recommend him!

Papa B. 5/31/2022
Heather P. Avatar

I will say that I am absolutely impressed by the ninja tactics of Dr. Dolgov! I had a gum graft done before and remember the entire procedure being intolerable, but Dr. D made the procedure practically effortless and covered much more areas of recession. This office and their work go above and beyond! HIGHLY recommend!

Heather P. 1/15/2021
Maurice Avatar

For those who just want the beans, I highly recommend Dr. Dolgov and his team at Southern Minnesota Periodontics (referred to as SMP hereafter). For those interested in backstory, process, and summary--keep reading. Like many others, my story is the same. A tale of repressed confidence emanating from sustained reluctance to social interaction due to preconceived notions of intolerable scrutiny. Scholarly articles correlating dental hygiene and employment speculate that a great smile increases the probability of employment by 50% and increases wage. Essentially, my smile has a face value.

My smile was a multifaceted barrier to entry combined with social stigmatization. It was time to a make a change. Due diligence prompted me to contact SMP. Prognosis after initial consultation…full restoration. Dr. Dolgov offered several options dependent upon my personal financial disposition. He also has in house and third-party financing. Careful deliberation led me to choose implants. First, impressions were taken and then an appointment was set with the anesthesiologist on the surgery date. I completed the pre-surgery physical and prepped before the surgery.

My surgery was an eight-hour intensive procedure including 28 extractions, bone shaping, 12 implants, stiches, and top/bottom temporary prostheses installation. I can honestly say I didn’t feel any pain. That is until after the anesthesia wore off. All I remember was falling asleep and waking up with a new grill. True story! I had a 100% implant osseointegration success rate. Fast forward (temporary provisionals to get the vertical dimension of occlusion perfect, determining shape/size of the teeth, and choosing the gum color), I am waiting for the finals to be completed.

I have watched SMP move on up like the Jeffersons from their humble beginnings to their new facility. They have improved the patient experience. During my last visit, Dr. Dolgov let me bump my favorite tracks on his apple radio TV app. What dentist lets you do that? DJ Dr. Dolgov does. Humor aside, Dr. Dolgov tries to establish a proper personal relationship with his patients to create a family atmosphere. There were moments where we had a difference of opinion. I expressed my concerns and he took the time to explain. The aforementioned words do not properly describe my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Dolgov. I would like to throw a special shout out to his dental assistant Felicia. She is the perfect blend of empathy and consideration. In all, it has been a very enjoyable experience. Thanks, SMP!!

Maurice 4/12/2021
Jamie O. Avatar

Just a minute to thank everyone at this office! Truly pleasant, caring & knowledgeable! I was so pleased I even asked their names at the desk on my way out- Melissa & Jade, Thank You & See You Again!

Jamie O. 1/13/2020
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